Glittering Sea.jpg

Jennifer Court

Through my paintings I aim to express sensory feelings of being in a landscape. Of particular inspiration is the natural world. Its cycles, ebbs and flows and rhythms provide stimulation which filter down through me and into my work. Whether it be a turbulent sea or serene forest it is the experience of it and interactions with it which I aim to translate into paint. My work is an emotional response to natural environments; their colours, textures, smells and sounds. My work communicates a sense of vastness of the world around me yet focuses on small moments. 

Places that I have travelled to as well as places close to home filter down into my work. Sometimes I start by recording my insights into a place. Whether it be by written note, photograph or collection of objects I am both spontaneous and varied in my approach to gathering resources. But it is those resources which jog my memory and bring back sensations I felt whist in that place. I also try to paint soon after coming into contact with that place, however the longer I am away in my studio the more memory and imagination plays a part in my representations. 

I lived by the sea for years which has influenced my keen interest in capturing my experience with water; small moments such as looking up at the sun from beneath the water, witnessing its distortion and diffraction or the moment of quiet before a wave comes crashing in.

I work intuitively making marks, only to then cover them, looking for a balance which evades me until the moment I feel a resolution has been reached. Through different processes I explore what the paint can do, what marks I can make and what sensations I can translate.

I studied for a Fine Art BA at the University of Leeds.