Clare O'Neill

Mixed Media

I am a textiles Artist living on the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. I studied Textile Design at college and university. Using that experience I now create mixed media designs which are produced as seasonal greeting cards, edition prints, Home textiles and original artworks.

Much of my inspiration is gained from the natural surroundings of where I live, capturing seasonal changes and gathering materials from walks on the forest with my daughter and trusty Pug. Incorporated into my work are the spoils of such outings.

I am a keen collector and surround myself with an eclectic mix of items throughout my home. These items which I take great pleasure in sourcing come from near and far, local boot fairs and flea markets to yard sales and antique centres around the world. Never one to follow the “less is more” approach, I find decorating my home with objects I love allows me to express another part of my creative side and is also reflected in my work. Intricate layered textures, vintage newspapers and scripts are elements of my work.

My work has been described as Whimsical, rustic and organic. I feel lucky to see the world through a creative eye, always finding inspiration in the natural world, ready for my next creation.

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