Duncan Allan


From a very young age I knew I liked art, my first realisation of this was through the magical world of comics.  Comic art has always been an inspiration and still is today, with so many great contemporary artists and illustrators out there. I'm constantly amazed at the way they look at art and design, using many different perspectives and angles in their drawings.

I was born Worcestershire in the UK, and studied art in Worcester, Stourbridge and Swindon; I specialised in Fine Art and Illustration, though I have been painting and drawing all my life. I found myself drawn to Brighton some twenty years ago, its art, music, creativity. I now live in sunny, blowy Poynings amid its beautiful hills, with my wife Francesca and our little girl Genie Carlina.

When I create an artwork, or am inspired to create a new piece, I become very passionate about it and especially with my painting. I have this urgency to complete it as quickly as I can. (A bit like when I'm hungry.) I want to see the finished result. It's exciting!

Most paintings are never actually that quick to paint, though, and can take weeks to finish.

I'm also drawn to trees and feel a natural connection with them, tree love. I have a small collection, mainly while they are ‘naked’ or leafless. I like to see them like this, as they all have such different personalities, almost human-like. I must admit, though, with the changing seasons, I am starting now starting to appreciate them in all their greenery a bit more.

I endeavour to be a better artist and to learn something new with every artwork. I can then simply apply this new knowledge to the next painting!

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