Emma Gillo

Paintings & Glass

I rediscovered my love for painting and drawing after we bought our family dog Parker, an Irish Terrier. He became my muse and sparked a passion for drawing and painting animals. I enjoy working in many mediums; I love drawing with pen and ink and painting with both oils and watercolours. 


When creating a pen and ink piece I always start with a loose pencil drawing then work in the tones with my pens. I begin with soft marks where the darkest tones will be, gradually building the form of the animal. I use circular motions with my hand which creates my distinctive style of curly marks. I continue to gradually build up layers of darker tones and carefully introduce stronger marks as the drawing progresses.


I also love to paint and use a similar technique - building up layers of tone, often using loose expressive marks to convey personality and character in my portraits. I strive to express my love for animals within my work through a sensitive and emotional response to the natural world. 

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