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Gill Harvey


Chalk & Flint Ceramics


I love walking on the South Downs, and their geology – mostly chalk with seams of flint running through it – underpins so much of what I see: from the dramatic coastal cliffs to delicate downland flowers and villages built of flint. This is my inspiration and I’m constantly exploring new ways of representing that geology in my work.


Most of my work is made on the potter’s wheel. I currently have four ranges:

‘Chalk and Flint’ – earthenware vases and jug-vases. The impression of seams of flint running through chalk is created using the sgraffito technique. This is left unglazed to create the deeply matt texture of chalk, but the inside is glazed for functionality.

‘Shades of Flint’ – stoneware vessels, mugs and bowls. The variegated glaze evokes the amazing variety of shades found in nodules of flint, with the russet iron running through them.

‘Flint Wall’ – stoneware vessels and mugs. I’ve grown to love the flint walls of Sussex and so I’ve created a ceramic version, flanked with speckled white glaze as a reminder of our chalk downland.

‘Flint and Fire’ – non-functional vessels. Here, I make use of the unpredictable drama of the smoke-firing bin to recreate the greys, blacks and russets of flint, and sometimes add a flash of gold leaf too. No two pieces are ever the same.

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