Jenny Wightwick


Clay has always held a fascination with me, I am intrigued with its properties and the scope it offers in my work.

Having completed a BA Hons in 3-Dimensional Design in Manchester, I relocated to West Sussex and pursued my passion from my studio at home.

These large vessels are made using my own plaster moulds and slab rolled stoneware clay manipulated into forms.  Other items are made from slab rolled clay wrapped and joined.  Surfaces of the work for Gallery 92 are embellished with coloured slips, biscuit fired initially, then underglaze stains and glossy brush-on glazes applied before a second firing to 1250 degrees C.

My source material is predominantly a response to nature, often using simple ‘stick and ink’ sketches.  These free-form responses are developed and transferred onto the clay surface and can be gathered anywhere I find myself from Holkham in Norfolk where I grew up as a child, to Jayac in France where I was on holiday last year.




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