Jill Iliffe – glass artist


I studied Fine Art and gained an MA in drawing, however after that I met a glass artist and joined her class and discovered an absolute love of making items in glass.  I tried stained and painted glass, but decided that I would make items that I would use in my home and hope that others would love and use too.


My inspirations are three-fold - mid-century design, Scandinavian folk design and the simple idea of molten glass catching the light and reflecting colour.  You will see these ideas in my pieces; I design them to be beautiful but used.


First I design the piece, often drawing it, usually with the colour palette in mind.  Then I cut the glass components; often there are more layers than you would imagine – usually at least three.  They are then placed in my glass kiln, sometimes the pieces are very small and I use tweezers.  The glass is then fused in the kiln, sometimes more than once, each time for about 24 hours.  Then I have the piece that I hope that you will like, the ones that don’t work, you will never get to see!


I work from my studio in Lingfield, Surrey, where I also paint and draw.  




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