Birling Butterflies_edited.jpg

Julia White


I am a freelance artist and printmaker. 


I was born in the north of England and travelled extensively in my youth, spending my teenage years in Cyprus which gave me an amazing freedom to explore and develop a sense of the natural world. 

After a rewarding and exhilarating 20 year career in the arts and film industry, as an FX painter, this experience naturally transposed into my artwork, which is both meticulous and whimsical.


On moving from Twickenham to Sussex in 2006 I trained in printmaking, predominantly etching, along with having young children this gave me the opportunity to explore the countryside around me. I started foraging for plants to study which became an obsession and brought me closer to nature, collecting both plants and memories from the Sussex Downs, where I now live. I have an interest in oriental  Imagery which occasionally reflects in my work, stemming from distant childhood memories.


My work is etched onto zinc plate and inked by hand. The final image is hand finished in gold leaf. In keeping with a more holistic ethos I use vegetable based inks as much as possible and have been experimenting with making dyes, inks and powders from the plants and land of the Sussex Downs.