Miranda Peckitt - Very Colourful Jewellery

I wasn’t sure where to start writing about myself as I have no qualifications in jewellery or art so I’m afraid I can’t amaze you with letters after my name and famous institutions I’ve attended. All has been learnt on the job with my late father, Michael Peckitt who set it up in 2000. Fundamental to VCJ is a pure and genuine passion to create quirky, colourful pieces of wearable art that are a pleasure to wear and as individual as their owners.

VCJ isn't about straight lines and perfect forms and the jewellery’s spontaneous appeal is maintained by not working to particular patterns or preconceived ideas, although there are many influences and inspirations of course.

The impulsive style and movement within each piece are central to the VCJ appeal as is the experimentation with bold colour and abstract design. They work well both individually and as a collection by their painterly nature and visible brushstrokes which keep them united as a brand and its philosophy; stylish – unique – wearable art.


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