Bowl with circle design by Nicola Gillis

Handmade clay bowl by ceramicist Nicola Gillis with circle detail 

Bowl with circle design by Nicola Gillis

  • Lovingly hand-thrown in flecked stoneware clay, each bowl is individually decorated and has a unique design, no two bowls are the same but different designs can be pulled together to form a set. The bowls are suitable to cereal but also as rice bowls, noodle bowls or for other uses.

    Please note that because these bowls are a handmade product, size and shape can vary. We think this adds to their unique quality.

    Light and robust with turned foot-ring and signature stamp.

    Flecked stoneware clay.

    Black and white slip decoration with a dolomite glaze.

    Food safe

    Dishwasher safe.

    Diameter 15.5cm (approx)

    Height 7-8cm (approx.)

    (Please note that measurements can differ slightly)


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