Rachel Lamport

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and take inspiration from nature. I have lived in Hurstpierpoint for 26 years and always enjoy walking in and around the village. Drawing & painting has always been for enjoyment. I am interested in the shapes, structures & colours found in flowers, plants & animals. I have taken commissions for botanical paintings and portraits of cats, dogs & horses. My work varies from simple pencil sketches, through pen and ink to paintings in watercolour and acrylics.

I worked as a florist for many years adding to my knowledge & appreciation of flowers & plants. Also, having shared my home with cats and dogs and owned a horse I am fascinated by the beauty and character of animals. I have no formal training in art but I have attended botanical watercolour sessions and have produced studies of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.

I love living here & have painted maps of the area, including personalised commissions - a wonderful opportunity to show an affectionate portrayal of this lovely village. 

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