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Ramona Pintea

My work is a fluid fusion between abstract and figurative with one overriding purpose, the quest of self discovery. It’s a chromatic journey towards answers, an energetic existential debate. Our life is a continuous search whether consciously or not, we try to find meaning to discover who we are, what our life’s purpose is and how we can be happy. I aim to catch the moments of vulnerability along this journey, to reveal a desire to communicate with other celestial dimensions and the experience is sometimes tumultuous, other times serene.


I pay great reverence to the figure as it’s endlessly symbolic and emblematic of the exposed, tender state. I use colour with intent, inspired by the chakra color system and teachings from spiritual guides. My work seeks to give neither strict symbolic meaning,  answers to any questions, nor to delineate on existing narratives. Instead I invite you to explore a universe of connection with the meaningful and perennial. Because life, humanity and beauty deserve to be celebrated.