Zoe Lakshmi

Inspired by my global travels, the elements, the wonders of the universe, and the flow of energy & interconnectedness between all things, my ceramic creations are visceral and mellifluous reflecting an inner strength yet sensory fragility. 


Wheel throwing and sculpting by hand, I work in a mindful, meditative way, allowing the forms to arise and flow through me. Pushing the boundaries of the clay, experimenting with textures, layering glazes, enhancing with embellishments of fused glass, 24ct gold, pure silver and copper leaf, each piece I create is completely unique. My wish is that the recipients of my work are bestowed with the love and peace I imbibe and impart during their creation.


My background was a London career in Creative Media. I then moved to Brighton, had two beautiful children and established my own business, Angel Beach Boutique, as a therapist, designer-maker and artist. An unexpected diagnosis of a life-long chronic illness led me to explore creative ways of coping with my new pace of life, immersing myself in my artistry through study and exploration. Ceramic art particularly resonated with me and continues to be my healing route of self-expression, through my ceramic and jewellery creations. 


Commissions welcome. Please contact zoe@angelbeachboutique.com